Finite Element Matrix Assembly

In digital geometry processing, one often have to assemble matrices that corresponding to discrete differential operators. PyMesh provides a simple interface to assemble commonly used matrices.

class pymesh.Assembler(mesh, material=None)

Finite element matrix assembler


>>> mesh = pymesh.generate_icosphere(1.0, np.zeros(3), 3);
>>> assembler = pymesh.Assembler(mesh);
>>> L = assembler.assemble("laplacian");
>>> type(L)
<class ''>

This example assembles the Laplacian-Beltrami matrix used by many graphics applications. Other types of finite element matrices include:

  • stiffness
  • mass
  • lumped_mass
  • laplacian
  • displacement_strain
  • elasticity_tensor
  • engineer_strain_stress
  • rigid_motion
  • gradient